Monday, January 10, 2011

A Week Ago, Today…

It’s been quite a week. Well, last week was, anyway. I did attempt to email a post in from my BlackBerry and just yesterday (I think it was) found out that the email was undeliverable. Wow. Way to fail, Blackberry!
So my mom was pretty stick last week. She usually has a few issues after she eats, especially since she had her gallbladder removed a few short years ago, but this was no ordinary issue. I won’t go into the full details because I’m quite sure she wouldn’t want me to (and I also want to spare anyone from having to read it)  but suffice it to say she was pretty sick. On Monday night my grandma called and asked if I would come back home to take care and watch over mom. Jeffrey went with me and we left that night.
She had been to the emergency room at our local hospital – a place I wouldn’t go to even if I were five minutes away from dying – and, surprise!, they basically did nothing to help her except give her an antibiotic. No ultrasound of her intestines/colon, no scope to view the area. Just a blood test. And to top it off she had an allergic reaction to the medicine. So that was not at all pleasant.
While we were home, Jeffrey got sick and very, very irritable. Unfortunately, he lost his patience with me in front of my parents, and that was something I never wanted to experience. There’s really no way to explain it without sounding like an abuse victim in denial. I’m not an abuse victim and I’m not in denial, but when your boyfriend raises his voice to you in front of your parents, it just sounds bad when you have to explain it away.
Anyway, both mom and Jeff are feeling better now. We took my mom to see her doctor and they are testing for parasites. I haven’t heard anything back from them yet, but I’m hopeful she’s doing well.
This year just isn’t starting off well at all. For me personally I’m feeling cautiously optimistic, but for the rest of America it seems rather insane. Dead birds and fish, attempted assassinations of politicians, bombs and suspicious envelopes, etc… What is going on with the world?
Is it really any wonder I like to stay within the comforts of my own 4 walls?

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