Thursday, October 29, 2009

A "City" Girl's Bedroom

I used to love watching MTV's The Hills, but since Lauren Conrad left the show just hasn't been the same. Enter The City, which features Whitney Port and the so lovely Olivia Palermo. The show was a bit snoozy last season (technically, it's still in the first season, labeled "part two"), but has seriously taken over the space in my heart once reserved for Lauren Conrad's weekly drama (or lack thereof).

In this week's episode there is a scene in which Whitney and her roommate, Roxy, are getting ready for some party or another, and I instantly fell in love with the entire look of the bedroom:


I've always loved the look of girly clothes hanging from doors and I'm definitely falling in love with that gorgeous mirror propped up against the amazing purple wall. Everything about this room is delicious and I'm seriously craving my own girly room to call home.

Photo via The Hills Freak.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Color Crave: Chanel-ing Inspiration

Lately I've found myself longing for the elegance of a simple black and white palette, not for clothing, necessarily, but as an aesthetic. I can think of no better example, then that of Chanel. In a world that's anything but two-tone, Karl Lagerfeld has managed to make the two-tone palette desirable to women (and men) across the globe.

Black and white, quilting and chains, pearls and patent leather. The Chanel aesthetic is the epitome of chic and feminine.


For those of us who can't afford the extravagant price tag of the Chanel label, the look can be achieved affordably and successfully. Here are a few great examples of achieving the Chanel look, for less.

Take some time to edit through your current wardrobe and you might be surprised to find you're well on your way to creating your own Chanel-inspired look! I took a look through my own closet, and found the following pieces that fall well within the Chanel aesthetic.


Pieces I found include a brand new tuxedo inspired jacket, a knee-length dress jacket (purchased last year, primarily worn during the holidays), a tuxedo inspired blouse (also pilgrim inspired? lol) and a white sleeveless blouse.

For quite some time now I've been thinking about how I will want to redecorate my bedroom (you know, once I have a job and financial opportunity) and lately I've been thinking about black and white. With some metallic thrown in for good measure. Chiefly among new items I need are:

  • desk
  • mirror
  • shelving
  • accent rug
  • something to keep my jewelry organized
  • accessories & decorations
Target is one store that will always have my business, for having Wal Mart prices without the actual Wal Mart. Target has stepped up their game in the last decade, and the result is loyalty among smart shoppers. A quick browser-shopping (like window shopping!) session has me craving the following items for my room makeover.


South Hampton Desk, Round Iron Mirror, Side Table, Brushed Steel Floor Lamp, Chandelier Night Light, Crystal Lamp Base 14", Silk Lamp Shade


All accessories pictured are less than $100 each! Eifel Tower Unframed Poster, Eifel Tower Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Classical Leaves II, Abstract on Canvas, Wire Leaf Sconce, Tealight Candleholder With Mirror, Printed Glass Wall Clock, Black Floral Decorative Pillow, Cream Crinkle Pillow, Black and Grey Felt Pillow

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Small Transition

I've been here at Jeff's since last Wednesday. I was meant to leave Monday afternoon, but on Sunday Jeff's mother made plans to come out to visit, so I stayed and planned to leave Tuesday. On Tuesday I packed and when we took my stuff out to my car, noticed a flat tire. A four inch nail came out from it. We decided to take it in to repair it Wednesday and to leave that afternoon. Took it in and found the 4" nail punctured the side wall. And now, I have an appointment this (Thursday) morning to get a new tire. The plan is to go home today. We'll see. I'm prepared. I helped Jeff go grocery shopping and I believe him to be set for the time being.

Meanwhile, since I have taken over my old desktop computer again, I figured I should take some of my inspirational stuff (links, photos, etc) and borrow them from this MacBook (which I miss, dearly) to put them on my desktop, so my inspiration can be with me always (it's always on my iTouch). That's what I'm doing now. I've gone through nearly all of the favorited bookmarks and I'm taking with me the ones I love best.

I'm finding new inspirations. I want to write again. It is a pasttime I was quite good at but haven't done much of in recent years. I want to create art again, but this time without the debilitating self doubt. I want to drink more coffee, because I love it. Did I mention I quit smoking? I did. I don't even know how long it's been since I last smoked. I think it must have been around a month ago, or so. But I find that inspiration is slowly coming back into my life, and I need to focus it and let it out. I also want to blog more often, and do more with this blog, as I originally intended.

I really need my life to be on track. Small transitions can make the biggest impacts, sometimes.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Three Months Later

Over the course of the past 3 months I have repeatedly chastised myself for seemingly giving up my blog and losing interest. In the last three months I have been largely away from home and trying desperately to find a job. I helped my boyfriend, Jeff, move in and set up his apartment and it seems I couldn't stay away from more than 2 weeks at a time. The computer I use is the MacBook that Jeff and I jointly own (purchased together a year ago) and since Jeff's academic schedule is back in full-swing, the MacBook has stayed with him and I have been using his old, crappy laptop until literally only last week. I set up my old desktop computer, fixed a problem with the wireless internet we put on it, and voila, I'm set up in my own bedroom in my own hometown. And yet, I haven't blogged.

It's been exactly (as of today) 5 months since I graduated college. I have since then had only 2 job interviews. Two. I couldn't even tell you how many jobs I have actually applied for. I'm equal parts annoyed and dismayed about the lack of communication employers have these days. Very few people acknowledge receipt of application or resume. I have, however, received a handful of emails saying, basically, "thanks, but no thanks." Last week I interviewed at a bridal boutique in Santa Barbara. I was told that everyone who applied was being interviewed and those who did well would then go on to meet the district manager. Except, I was only asked two questions during the interview (Why was I interested in Bridal and What one word would best describe me?) When, on Tuesday, I got an email saying "thanks, but no thanks," I got the sneaking suspicion that the whole thing could have been avoided had I just sent a picture attached with my resume. I really do believe that they were interviewing me more for my looks than if I was capable of doing the job. I assume they were looking for petite "pretty" girls, which I actually consider to be pretty darn AVERAGE. I'm not a "pretty girl." I have some unique features, thanks to a mixing of British and Eastern European looks. And I'm not a little waif thing who can shimmy into a single digit pair of jeans. In fact, I represent a style that is referred to as "plus." This bridal boutique proudly displays on their website that they also carry styles for "plus." Now, when I go to pick out my wedding dress, it won't be from the aforementioned AVERAGE, because how would someone like that know what this "plus" girl would look and feel best in? The whole thing left a sour taste in my throat and a big "WTF just happened?" constantly on the tip of my tongue. The best thing that came from it all was that I took my mother along with me, and we met Jeff and spent the afternoon in Santa Barbara. And yes, they went with me to my interview. Not something I would normally do but I was expecting to be taken back into an office for an interview, not to just sit down on the couch in the middle of the boutique and be asked which one word best describes me.

Few things about this entire situation upset me to no end. I was never prepared for this. When I was in school we were told what career options were available to us, but we were never taught what to do in this depressing economy. I was never said to go "here" and do "that" and voila, I'll have a job. No one prepared me for the fact that I would have to write to my Stafford Loan lenders and apply for an additional extension to my six month grace period... because I can't pay my cell phone bill, let alone my college loans. On top of all that, my grandma is the one paying for my existence and it's wearing thin on her. I know she can't help but nag on me to find a job, but sometimes she acts as if it's my fault and not the economy's. In fact, it took a long time and many bouts of frustration and depression to realize that it's not me, it is the economy. I was feeling like a complete and utter failure, and all the while failing to realize that it was, in fact, not my fault.

So, here I am. Five months after graduation, unemployed, bouncing back and forth between my parent's home and my boyfriend's home, desperately seeking an opportunity to move my life forward. I had nothing inspirational to write about. I couldn't even be inspired. Now, it's just day-by-day existence. Jeff and I are in a comfortable space in our relationship, my mother and I are mostly getting along for the first time in a very long time, and I'm doing what I can to find full time, permanent employment. I signed up with a staffing agency. I prettied up my resume. And every day I see the holidays inching closer and closer. Recently I have started getting the feeling that things would start changing for the better and that I would have the means to have a wonderful Christmas, where I could buy my family and friends presents for the first time in years. It's what I'm holding on to... Because I cannot start 2010 as a failure. I'm hoping for the best.