Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Small Transition

I've been here at Jeff's since last Wednesday. I was meant to leave Monday afternoon, but on Sunday Jeff's mother made plans to come out to visit, so I stayed and planned to leave Tuesday. On Tuesday I packed and when we took my stuff out to my car, noticed a flat tire. A four inch nail came out from it. We decided to take it in to repair it Wednesday and to leave that afternoon. Took it in and found the 4" nail punctured the side wall. And now, I have an appointment this (Thursday) morning to get a new tire. The plan is to go home today. We'll see. I'm prepared. I helped Jeff go grocery shopping and I believe him to be set for the time being.

Meanwhile, since I have taken over my old desktop computer again, I figured I should take some of my inspirational stuff (links, photos, etc) and borrow them from this MacBook (which I miss, dearly) to put them on my desktop, so my inspiration can be with me always (it's always on my iTouch). That's what I'm doing now. I've gone through nearly all of the favorited bookmarks and I'm taking with me the ones I love best.

I'm finding new inspirations. I want to write again. It is a pasttime I was quite good at but haven't done much of in recent years. I want to create art again, but this time without the debilitating self doubt. I want to drink more coffee, because I love it. Did I mention I quit smoking? I did. I don't even know how long it's been since I last smoked. I think it must have been around a month ago, or so. But I find that inspiration is slowly coming back into my life, and I need to focus it and let it out. I also want to blog more often, and do more with this blog, as I originally intended.

I really need my life to be on track. Small transitions can make the biggest impacts, sometimes.

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