Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pleasantries of Life

I'm about three days into my official break from school and so far things have been very pleasant! I've been able to completely absorb myself into play the Sims, a game I've been a patron of for the better part of a decade, and catching up on news and books I've neglected to read has been wonderful. Not to mention the TV I'm watching. It's nice to have a mental break from the classroom.

The weather has been really nice here lately but it's supposed to get a lot warmer. According to my little weather widget in Chrome it's going to be 92 degrees this weekend. I am not prepared for that kind of heat. Right now it says it's a pleasant 77 degrees and I've got the windows open to bring in a lot of fresh air. It's very nice. Once it gets hotter it won't be prudent to open the windows. Instead I'll have to draw them closed and turn on the air conditioner. Or maybe it won't seem as bad as I'm making it out to be? Probably not.

We may or may not be heading down to Valencia one day this weekend to celebrate Jeff's mom's birthday. Her actual birthday was a few days ago but they celebrated Easter weekend when Jeff and I went to my parent's home in Lompoc, and then his parents went on vacation so the timing has not been right. I've been thinking about what we should get her for a gift and I think I've decided on wind chimes. I recall she mentioned wind chimes would be a great gift at the holidays so that's what I'm going to go for this time.

In a few weeks time Jeff and I will be celebrating our fourth anniversary. I've been trying to find some sort of activity we can do or destination we can drive to as a means of celebration but I'm thinking not spending any money will be celebration enough. Although it would be nice to get out of town and maybe go to the beach or take a tour at Lotus Land in Montecito. I'm thinking if we do nothing I will somehow regret it. And of course these matters are left for me to be concerned with as Jeff is far too busy with school. Lucky for me I remember to plan for birthday and anniversaries, otherwise Jeff would not remember a thing and feel quite foolish. That's why women carry the purses after all, to remember to bring the things that the men can't be bothered to remember to bring.

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