Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That's a Pretty Old Brochure, Dude

Did anyone happen to catch Glee last night? There was particular exchange between characters Finn and the new foreign exchange student (the one Brittany thought was a leprechaun) that really spoke to me. The new kid is being bullied because he's foreign (and in one really confusing exchange, someone told him to "go back to Mexico") and he explains to Finn that he thought America was a place where people who were different were accepted and differences even encouraged. Finn's reaction to this is, "That's a pretty old brochure, dude."
This was such a revelation to me because it sums up exactly how I feel about where our country is headed. I took particular notice because it coincides with my virtual project, the Acceptivity project. Anyway, we do have this idea of America being accepting of everyone and yet there are a lot of hypocrites who work very hard (trolls of the real world) to work as much against this notion as possible. Or at least it seems that way.

Anyway, I was tweeting about it earlier (because #thatsaprettyoldbrochure is such a fantastic hashtag) and wanted to know if anyone else felt like that when watching the episode. It really does seem like an old brochure these days.

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  1. There are now way too many non Americans that abuse the USA instead of embracing what we have to offer. Those that abuse us have ruined it for those who have embraced us. I wish we would send the abusers back to wherever they came from so that they could no longer overshadow what the USA offers.