Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Love for Jewel(Mint)

 I don't recall when I first heard of JewelMint but it has taken me a while to join the subscription box service trend. While I love finding great things to put in my apartment to make it look and feel more beautiful, I also love to do the same for myself on occasion. This is where JewelMint has been stylishly helpful.

My JewelMint collection. Click for bigger image.

My little collection is growing and while it looks like a lot, only two items were purchased at full price. The rest were purchased from private sellers at a discounted rate (and with birthday money, no less). In any event, I am loving each piece. There is something really special about wearing pretty jewelry and feeling pretty, even while doing mundane tasks like grocery shopping. Jeffrey doesn't seem to mind, either. In fact he is helpful and tells me if the Hayden necklace doesn't go with my blouse but the Love Spell does. His involvement makes it so much more worth it!
 As of now I don't have any plans to purchase more. I'm still waiting on the Madame Mystery earrings to arrive in the mail (along with some other birthday purchases).

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