Monday, February 20, 2012


After merging all of the old blogs together into this one and while going through each post to update the labels, I happened to come across a few entries that I had forgotten about and which made me laugh, and one or two that were quite dramatic and riddled with angst. I'm glad I have a place to vent and get things off my chest but later on when life seems happier and more stable - like it does right now - reading those older posts almost makes me feel ashamed, or something. For instance I read a post about Jeff's parents that really made me realize how far we've come. There was a point in time where I felt I wouldn't completely win Jeff's mom over. Strangely enough I understand now where she was coming from. She wants the best for her son and it takes more than just a few meetings and a couple of years to truly trust a person. Fortunately for me, I feel I have earned her trust, respect, and approval.

And more so, I enjoy spending time with her and Jeff's dad. We had gone over on Superbowl Sunday and while Jeff and his dad fixed stuff around the house his mom and I drank champagne and watched TV. She fixed a hem on a blouse for me. She looked through clothing catalogs to help me find new clothes. Not to mention she and her family welcomed my completely at Christmastime. Where wondering about the future once gave me uncertainty I now feel completely at ease and even look forward to having them as a part of my family.

I'm sure there will be moments in the future where heads will butt, but that seems quite normal. Truthfully speaking, I consider myself quite lucky to have not only an amazing partner in Jeff, but a great family to one day  merge with my already tremendously awesome family.

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