Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Anniversary in Photos, Part 2

These elephants are 41 years old!

This gorilla did not want to put up with any zoo visitors. He only looked up at me occasionally after the noisy people had left the area.

Jeff, not purposely posing with a park bench in the background.

This giraffe seemed very interested in keeping me from her baby.

Twice she walked right up to me and stared me dead in the eyes. It was very strange!

She did it to another zoo visitor as well.

The giraffe on the right was very socially awkward and stayed by that tree in the corner of the area for the entirety of our visit.

This turtle was quite large in person. S/he came right over to me and posed for a picture. So cute!

One of two Gibbons, they were howling quite lasciviously at a woman taking video/photos of them. 

A young Amur Leopard. They're the most endangered of all the big cats. The last time we were at the Santa Barbara Zoo there were two. This is their offspring. 

Snow Leopard.

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