Thursday, June 18, 2009

Style: Lauren Conrad, Relaxed California Chic

Lauren Conrad is known for her relationships and drama on shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills, but it's her style that has me adding photos of her to my growing inspiration collection. We're built much differently, but Lauren's style is a universal style that can be applied to any girl, no matter what her waistline is.

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When she's not promoting herself, Lauren's style is relaxed, California Chic. She favors skinny jeans and black leggings, with interchangeable gold flats and black CL pumps. She's never without a pair of stylish sunnies and always carries a great bag with her, like a classic quilted Chanel or a Balenciaga motorcyle bag in a color that pops.

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We've recreated her basic relaxed day look here. Though she has a basic style of relaxed comfort, Lauren is great at changing up her look so that she sticks with what looks great on her (and what we've come to expect from her, style-wise) but so that she also varies between casual and glam. What do you think? Are you loving Lauren's Relaxed California Chic style?
Lauren Conrad Style: Comfy for Day

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  1. Cute style! I don't care for skinny jeans. I have wide hips and thick thighs for those jeans. I tried fitting in a pair and it wasn't pretty.