Friday, July 17, 2009

Back on Track/First Apartment, Take 2

In the short time that I've stepped away from my lovely little blog here, I've had a lot of stuff happen to me. Some good. Some not. I do feel like because of all the things that have happened in such a short period of time, I had to do some internal growing and reexamine a few things about life. I'm confident that I can continue on now, better than before, and devote myself to CLL& in a positive way.

In related news, I had mentioned before about Jeff getting an apartment with a mutual friend of ours. That is no longer happening, for various reasons I won't publicly share, and so In 24 hours Jeff was notified that he had lost his roommate, then went out and scored himself a lovely apartment in a great community! Kudos to him for not sitting on his laurels and lamenting his loss. He kept his head up and did what he had to do because he knew that was what needed to be done.

Another great nugget of news is that, while Jeff was originally planning to move around the 10th of August, because of the deal he was able to get yesterday, he's signing the lease tomorrow (Saturday) and will officially have the green light to move in on Sunday! Because of his work schedule that's not going to happen, but he will be moving in over the course of next week, as his schedule permits. Of course this is great news for me because this means that I won't have to go nearly a month without seeing him or being with him.

Last weekend I stayed with Jeff and his parents at their house in Valencia and helped them pick out Jeff's new bed. Honestly, I never realized how difficult it was shopping for a mattress. A few years ago when I bought a new bed it was easy; we went to one store, they delivered it and that was that. But there is a whole market of just beds and mattresses and it's all about firmness and plushness and all kinds of things. We went to so many stores and finally his parents just ended up getting him a good quality queen size mattress (with spring and frame, etc...) from Costco, of all places. That cost about $700 after taxes. The weekend before that they had made a trip to a hotel supply store and purchased a Klik Klak couch for around $300. Between those 2 items, the furniture Jeff already had in his home, and the additional things I will be giving to him from when I lived in the dorms, he should have a nearly fully finished apartment! What a great way to start off the new school year.

Additionally, I'm finishing a painting for him and will be working on another painting of a passion flower - his favorite - so that he may have some art to hang on his walls. I'm also looking into DIY projects for a headboard, since he is scraping that purchase for the time being. I also hope to be documenting the entire move-in and set-up process via photos, which I hope to share here.

Thanks for reading.

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