Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lovely Day Spent In The Sun

Getting sunburned, that is. We share a community pool with the surrounding apartments and usually in the summer it is filled with kiddies and their parents. Today we took the opportunity to occupy the vacant pool, and it was a lot of fun, splashing around with my mom and grandma like we used to do when I was a kid. The only drawback being that I am sunburned on my arms and back. It's not terrible, but enough to sting and be painful. Afterwards I attempted to take a nap. I'm definitely not solar powered because every time I'm out in the sun I instantly become sleepy. Plus, getting sunburned seems to take a lot of energy out of me (and other people, I've been told) and I was pooped out after. We finished off the day with a nice dinner at local Italian eatery, La Botte. Couldn't ask for a better summer day with the family!

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