Monday, November 9, 2009

A Small Announcement

While I am enjoying the temporary comforts of being seasonally employed by Macy's, I've still been looking for full time, permanent work. I recently updated my profile on and very soon after I got a call from someone in HR at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for a position in their distribution center, which is here in the town I'm currently living in. This person saw my profile and wanted to have me come in for an interview. This is the first time anyone has ever called me for a job interview without me ever having applied with them. I would like to not get my hopes up, but I have set my hopes higher than normal because this would be a great opportunity. It's full time, and while only a job through the end of January 2010, it could possibly turn into a full time job. I'm getting ready now for the interview. Wish me luck! This would be a great opportunity to finally give my family the wonderful Christmas I've been wanting for so long.

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