Friday, June 3, 2011

In the Poor House

In an attempt to take a super smart approach to my finances I bought the Numbers app for my iPad. If you aren't familiar with Apple products Numbers is their equivalent to Excel (although more hipster and less nerdy). I created a balance record (since I lost mine during Jeff's move; they're probably hanging out with his missing glasses) and put a budget down so I could take a look at it. Okay, I don't have many bills to pay but the fact that I get paid shit does not help.

Not to mention I'm paying back a little over $600 in loans to my grandma and uncle for the repairs to my car (which still isn't fully repaired).

As soon as I see the measly pay go into my account I immediately pay my student loans (11 days in advance, but so what?), attempt to pay  Virgin Mobile (5 days in advance) but either their site doesn't like Chrome or they're just down for maintenance. I paid for my car. And I put $50 in my savings to account for gas for the entire month. Oh yes, I get paid once a month so I have to do all this planning out ahead of time and starve the remaining 30 days.

So I'm paying $20 back towards my uncle (even though I don't really think he expects me to pay him back, but I am going to) and only $10 back towards my grandma because of mental reasons I've rationalized in my head and am not going to explain here.

Oh and I owed this month on my hosting for plus I owed for last month too. That was paid. I bought all but one of my necessary toiletries for the month. So far the only bill I can't pay is the Lane Bryant card, which goes directly to Jeff. I really need to figure that out because I cannot not pay him. I could use the remaining $28 I have left over but then I very literally will have no money. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to be buying Starbucks or anything else any time soon but I at least need to have some money.

The only bright spot I can see in all this so far is that I still may have something coming in from EDD at least once or twice this month. That would help matters greatly. But I cannot rely on that and since it's all a combination of back pay and current pay it is almost impossible to calculate.

I guess the other bright spot is that I have increased hours for this month. Financially speaking, however, that will not help any towards this month as that will all be in my July paycheck.

And here I thought being financially responsible was supposed to feel good. I didn't go to college so I could number crunch my way into poverty. Yes I like knowing that my bills are paid and I'm paying for them myself and paying back for the repairs on my car, but I'd also like to be able to see Jeffrey this month and that just is not possible right now.

Aren't I supposed to be enjoying my life?

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