Thursday, October 13, 2011

85% (or, an Asian F)

I think I have developed a better sense of graduate school now. I'm in the third week of the term and I've had my first unhappy grade: an 85%. I neglected to recall some pertinent facts from the syllabus in my Identity in the Virtual Age class and wrote last week's paper in the wrong format. The professor made sure to emphasize the fact that there is a difference between undergrad writing and graduate writing. Perhaps it's the absence of physicality in my grad school program that has made me not feel that I'm a graduate student. That being said, I'm more in that frame of mind today than I was two weeks ago.

Why does an 85% bother me when it isn't that bad of a grade? Because I've always worked hard to get A's and despite that hard work I always managed to miss a straight-A semester by one class grade. I'm still in the pursuit of that elusive 4.0 term.

I was assured by my professor, Jeffrey and a calculator that this minor setback will be minuscule in the grand scheme of things. In fact, that 15% accounts for less than 1% of my final grade, assuming I continue to do well in the remaining weeks.

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