Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Never Ending Story (of Housework)

There really is so much effort in keeping this apartment clean all the time. And truth be told I don't think we're very good at it yet. Neither one of us is especially neat and tidy (though we are both OCD about organizing our own personal things, especially school work) so keeping the apartment looking nice every day is challenging. Especially the kitchen!

I'm on my second load of dishes today after leaving out all the dishes last night and not emptying the dishwasher. I made cake pops that turned out to be massive in size and they take up an entire shelf of the fridge. So naturally there are jars of sprinkles and bottles of candy melts everywhere.

Not having a lot of counter and cabinet space is turning out to be the most hindering aspect of this apartment. The alternative is to find creative storage solutions using racks or other storage devices but so far nothing looks clean and comprehensive. We're still on the lookout for something.

The great thing about wanting things for our kitchen is that now we have some money! One of our financial aid checks arrived and since then our lives have been a lot easier. We have the freedom to cook and bake again, we can buy paper towels, do laundry, start doing other projects (like making cake pops!) and generally live a bit easier. Happiness is feeling safe and being able to buy groceries and pay bills.

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