Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keeping Spoilers to Myself

My boyfriend and really good friend are both reading my WIP chapter by chapter. Both of them are my biggest supporters. Neither of them wants to be spoiled. So basically I have no one to talk to about the intricate (in my mind at least) plot points that are going to be coming and I feel like I could just burst. The two people I talk to the most in the world who know me better than everyone else and I can't tell them what happens next!

I expressed this frustration to my bf and he basically said "I bet that's how JJ Abrams feels". After I dismissed his clearly misguided (albeit sweet) attempt to even compare me in the slightest to one of my favorite storytellers of all time, I decided he was at least partially right. And I wanted to spoil him right there on the spot. 

Other people feel this way, right? I want people to read my story and be surprised at what's revealed but I also wish there was someone in the world I could share the surprise ending with (not fishing for a volunteer, just typing out loud).

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