Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I cannot believe it's already the middle of the school term for me. I submitted my mid-term paper over the weekend and Monday morning found out I got an A+! I really was not expecting that. Now that we're heading into the final few weeks before finals I am using the opportunity to finish the first draft of my manuscript, Zoe Thanatos. I've powered through the last two and a half chapters and am up nearing the 65,000 word range. As I stated previously I wanted to get up towards 80,000 to have a nice, healthy debut novel. The last chapter (18) I had my boyfriend read he really praised, which is quite unusual for him. He's been incredibly supportive through each and every chapter but with this chapter in particular I think he was happy to gain a new insight into the world. It's written through the POV of a character that has not previously had a chapter but who is a very important character to the world. I was so pumped up by his comments that I wrote the latest chapter (19) through the same character's POV and I think it's some of my best work.

Today I've got to concentrate on school work before beginning the first of the last four chapters, chapter 20. I've got a little outline written out on a stickie on my desktop (I love that app!) to guide the rest of the chapters. I can't believe there are only four more chapters left! Once finals are done I'll spend the month of August fine tuning the manuscript, read and re-read it myself, hopefully (fingers crossed) find a beta reader and work on launching the campaign to publish via Amazon. That should take me right into the fall trimester where I'll be taking on a full course load (2 classes) again. It's going to be a busy summer!

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