Friday, June 15, 2012

Writing Update #2: Projections

Since my last update I've surpassed 50,000 words and currently heading towards 54,000. I have 16 chapters broken up into two parts, with chapter 17 and beyond constituting part three. Come to think of it, the first two parts are equally distributed in the amount of chapters. That's a happy accident. I wonder if there are any other coincidences like that?

Part One

  • Chapters 1-8
  • 28,132 words
  • ends on page 104 (based on current formatting)
  • 3,516 average words per chapter

Part Two

  • Chapters 9-16
  • 25,089 words
  • ends on page 206 (based on current formatting)
  • 3,136 average words per chapter 
If I add the two average words per chapter and divide again, I come up with an average of average of about 3,326.

Projected Part Three:
  • Chapters 16-23
  • 26,608 (based on 3,326 average words per chapter)
  • Page count at end of chapter 23: 308
  • Total word count: 80,000
I would prefer to have a higher word count than that but I know this is just the first draft. One thing I've noticed is that I tend to write scenes that are very dialogue-driven without much detail as to what is going on, and I think that prohibits some character development in the finer aspects of their mannerisms. 

I see myself finishing the last chapter, taking a small break from the book in general, then coming back and reading it from the start, editing in and out necessary information. Generally speaking I would like the finished manuscript to be somewhere in the realm of 85,000-90,000 words total. 

Since I am planning on self-publishing I've been coming up with a marketing plan for the book itself. Fortunately I learn a great deal about social media in my Media Psychology grad studies; this definitely gives me an advantage and a sense of confidence about the efficacy of self-promotion. 

Another aspect I'm very excited about is the book cover. I've been playing around with one idea and this morning I think the whole thing came together in my mind. I'll have to fire up my other laptop to get to Photoshop to make it. I hope it comes out like I envision it in my mind. 

And the last bit of update is that I think I've settled on a title for the book. I'm not ready to announce it until I'm sure of what it will be but the one I have in mind is already incorporated into the cover design I have in mind.... so I guess it's fate! 

Now that I know where I'm headed and how many chapters I can write for part three, I can start making an outline of where things will happen in the story. Looking forward to it! :D

Edit: I couldn't resist. I fired up the Dell and set to work on the cover. I may change it or I may keep it. I'm not sure yet. What do you think?

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  1. Go you, you are going really well with all that writing!You'll soon have a draft!