Friday, April 22, 2011

Not Sure Actually

I have been catching up on all the news from today (in the dark, on my bed, with the iPad lol) and I came across a couple articles about the US military using drones in Libya - more specifically the Predator. Normally I wouldn't really care; I am a pacifist and I generally avoid reading about ongoing wars. But this time the news caught my interest in a very personal way. A great friend of mine in the military actually operates a Predator drone. For this reason alone it made me once again face the realities of my friend's job, but also made me feel like I knew too much information. Which is ironic because I hardly know anything about his job and he is always very adamant about not telling me anything. Except in this case, one article clearly stated that they didn't know where the drones were coming from and the military would not reveal the location. But I know which base my friend is stationed in and which base he works at. And while I doubt that is the only location operating the Predator drone, I can't help but feel like know information that not even the media is allowed to know about.
Just something to think about, I guess.
I also read an article about the consumption of French fries decreasing a noticeable amount this year. Gotta love the media and what they choose to focus on as news!

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