Saturday, April 9, 2011

That Makes Me the Nice Girl

Whenever I’ve taken a day off from work and someone from the other office has covered for me, I always come back to hear a variation of the following comments:

“I’m glad you’re back. That/those other girl/s are mean!”

It’s nice to be the nice girl! Although, I think the “niceness” really stems from the fact that I don’t push a lot of these people, especially when it comes to money. Everyone else is always so hard up on money. Yes, I understand that if clients don’t pay, I don’t get paid. But these are tough times for everyone (except, probably, the owner, who is on vacation out of the country for 3 weeks) and I’m just as financially strapped as the people I see every week. I can hardly press them about making a $10 payment when I know I would have difficulty making weekly payments like that.

Plus, a lot of the people are there for counseling because they have been court mandated to do so for a variety of reasons, whether because of drugs, alcohol, domestic violence or some other event; I’m not prepared to piss these people off. Plus, I kind of have more respect for them than most people out in the world. Couldn’t really tell you why, but I do treat them with more respect than I often do others.

I do find it unfortunate that they’ve had such an unpleasant experience with someone else that not only do they remember it a week later, but they feel obligated to say something about it. I’m content being the nice girl. I’ve been called a lot worse.

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