Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Envy

I dislike even admitting this to myself, let alone blogging about it, but I think there is a part of me that is a bit jealous that William and Kate are getting married. Though I am the same age as William and grew up with the awareness of the royal family, I was never one of those girls who lusted after the idea of being a princess and I never really saw the guy as crush-worthy material. So why the envy, I wonder?
They are a bit of a surreal couple. Ordinary as can be but stratospherically higher in caliber to celebrities. It is somewhat strange to think of them as anything but a royal couple. It is almost a rather disjointed perception of them, what with the staggering history of the British monarchy and this very modern couple who share my age.
No. I imagine the reason is far more shallow than that. What if my tiny envy comes from my own desire to be engaged and have a fabulous wedding? It seems so petty to accept that that may be the truth. And yet I can't help but feel that nagging tug in my heart when I think about what is surely the wedding of the century
unless Brad and Angelina get married

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