Sunday, May 1, 2011

Green With Envy

We have had such incredibly beautiful weather here along the central coast of California lately. For a while now I have been eager for the sweet smells of summer time, the beautiful colors of the grass and the sky, and the overall sense of relaxation and comfort.
Today Jeffrey and I took a drive out to Solvang and walked around. I enjoyed the various scents in the air, from jasmine in the bushes to the smell of sweet sugar in a tree up above. The vineyards and farms were so green and beautiful looking. It really is such a pleasure to have a drop of beauty right in our backyard.

Edit 2/18/2012: whatever photos were here have been unlinked somehow.

I’m really looking forward to the progression of summer from spring. Hopefully it won’t be as hot as it has been the past couple summers. Though, I am grateful to have air conditioning in my apartment!
In other news, Jeff and I celebrate our anniversary this Wednesday, May 4th. I’m hoping to do a sort of mini-series of posts about our relationship. I’m kind of wanting to do a pictorial timeline of our relationship, but I’m not sure I can make it work. Hmm, we shall see!

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