Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

Had a very pleasant weekend celebrating both my mom and my grandma. On Saturday we had a little picnic in our living room with hot dogs, beans, potato salad, and cake and watched hours of House. It was a lot of fun! On Sunday we drove down to Santa Barbara and met my uncle and his new girlfriend, Sabrina, for lunch at the Boathouse at Hendry's Beach. It was the first time we met Sabrina and I have to say she was rather wonderful. She is a fashion designer for companies such as Forever 21. They made a really nice couple and each wore those hipster hats that I wish I could pull off.
It was a beautiful day. A bit on the chilly side, especially with the breeze, and the water was really choppy. We ate outside which turned out to be a mistake; we all ended up with sand in our drinks and on the table and on my black cardigan. I ordered pulled pork sliders even though I do not like pork and was really surprised at how delicious it was! My John Daly (an Arnold Palmer with alcohol) on the other hand was quite awful. I don't like alcoholic drinks that taste like alcohol. Imagine that.
Now it is back to the usual work week. The weekend after next is Jeff's graduation and I am beyond excited for him! And nervous, too. But I know it will be great!

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