Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things You Aren’t Supposed to Say

My mother annoys the crap out of me…

In my entire 28 years my mother has seldom ever been a motherly woman to me. Most of my life she’s treated me as a friend or, as she has lately, as a sister. I guess it doesn’t help that my grandma treats me as a daughter. I don’t know what this woman’s (my mother’s) problem is but I am sick and tired of her treating me like her effing sister. She is competitive, petty, seems to go out of her way to berate me, and really only shows any affection when it suits or and is only nice to me when she wants a ride somewhere.

Here’s a tip to those of you who don’t have drivers licenses because the state took it away after you crashed your car while knowingly driving with a very low blood sugar: don’t piss off the only person around to drive you anywhere. You will be walking from now on.

This past weekend I had to borrow a few hundred dollars from my grandmother to buy 3 new tires on my car. The three I needed to replace were virtually drivable and one in particular was almost completely bald. My grandma, being the kind and giving woman that she is, loaned me just over $300 on the spot and what does my mom do? Calls my grandma “foolish”, me “untrustworthy” and very loudly voiced her opinion that my grandma shouldn’t do anything.

I guess she would rather I die in a terrible car accident. Thanks, mom.

Actually, I’m not even going to call her mom anymore because she doesn’t deserve it. Nothing this woman has done has every qualified her to be a mother, apart from giving birth to me. I’m sick and tired of her treating me like the cast off sister she never wanted and it takes every ounce of patience I don’t already have to begin with to not stoop to her level.

I realize this is all an unpopular opinion, but read the title again. I know.

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