Saturday, April 25, 2009

At a Standstill...

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I have to disregard my personal timeline in favor of doing things on someone else's timeline. It's very difficult for me to relinquish control of my life in that manner, but sometimes it is simply unavoidable. This weekend, for instance, is no exception.

We are supposed to be moving right now. Yesterday we picked up Jeff's dad's ginormous SUV and brought it back up to school. This morning we were to go pick up the trailer from U-Haul, take a load of my belongings and furniture up to my parent's home up north and tomorrow take Jeff's 55" tv and his belongings down to his home down south. Except the whole thing has gone south, in a manner of speaking.

We didn't wake up until after 10am and we were apparently supposed to pick up the trailer around 9am. Jeff doesn't know how to work an alarm clock, I guess. So he went out to pick up the trailer, except there was some sort of problem that they couldn't fix, he could find a fix for at Home Depot and couldn't explain to his father over the phone. So now he is driving the SUV back down to his place and then willd drive it back up. This means that I must wait approximately 3 hours. It's already going on 2am and we had projected to be nearly done at my home by this time. That's obviously not going to happen. Additionally, I've been the only person to pack and clean and all Jeff has done is complain. I'm tried of cleaning after him. I feel like a housewife (and not in the best possible way).

We're in the final 2 weeks of instruction during my final semester of my senior year of college and I put an entire weekend on hold to get this moving stuff done. I'm way behind on projects and at this point I feel like I will never graduate. And I have to wait 3 bloody hours. This is why I hate not doing things on my time frame.

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