Thursday, April 16, 2009

Independent Study

Photos by me. Getty Villa, Malibu, CA.
I'm currently in my final semester of college as a student of art history and I'm taking a course in independent study for the second time. Last semester I wrote an 18 page paper on my observations from shadowing a college professor. This semster I'm writing an illustrated glossary of architectural terms for undergraduate students of art history. I have input about 165+ terms into a template (which I'm thinking of redesigning so it looks, well, more polished) and now I'm concentrating on incorporating images and textbook-style text. I realized that I have a lot of photos of buildings and random architectural elements that I can include in my book, chief among them these snapshots I took at the Getty Villa in Malibu last year during a trip for another class. Still to this day I'm surprisingly pleased with how nice these photos turned out considering the quality of my former digital camera (3 megapixels, something a kid would have about 5 years ago or so). Now I'm using a Canon PowerShot which I'm in love with and makes me feel confident as a photographer hobbyist.

I think this weekend, if time permits, I'll walk around campus and take photos of all of the tremendous architectural elements we have within our very own campus. My school is the actual Hotel California, the former mental hospital in Camarillo. Now it's California State University Channel Islands, but the architecture is still the same as it was at the start of the last century and serves as both a great example and homage to the school I've called home for the last two years.
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