Monday, November 8, 2010

The First Is Always the Worst

I am referring to blog posts, of course. I've started maybe a dozen of these blogs and I always find myself in the same position when writing the very first blog post. Should I be witty or restrained? Should I include a brief history of everything that has ever happened in my life and hope that serves as an introduction to anything? What do I do? It's very difficult. Like the first 30 minutes of any decent movie, I feel that the first blog post should accurately reflect what the rest of your blog is going to be about. So if I were blogging about finding teacups and saucers (an actual potential-hobby of mine) then I suppose I should start by explaining how I came into that hobby. (As it were, this is not an official hobby of mine as of yet; I happen to be limited in finances right now, which is a polite way of saying I'm currently unemployed). However, due to the fact that this blog is, in fact, about me, then I suppose a biography would be rather useful.

But whey reveal everything now? As of this moment I have no readers and my website ( is still very much "under construction." It's been that way for nearly 9 months now. I'm a horrible procrastinator. Plus, I purchased the website when I was previously unemployed and when I was lucky enough to find employment I sort of neglected the whole project all together. Now that I find myself terribly unemployed again I decided it was time to make use of this (seeing as how my mother paid for it and all) and get my pent-up creative juices flowing! Or, so to speak.

So, without further procrastination (yeah, right!) I hereby dub this entry my very first blog entry. So far I've informed my sea of readers that I am unemployed, am a terrible procrastinator, and have some semblance of a creative mind. I also have a website which I have hardly done any work on and I tend to be long-winded. Everything else that is needed to know about me will obviously be revealed in due course. In the meantime, I have no idea what this blog will be about. However, since my name is on it, I suppose I should just stick to and with what I know.

Until next time!

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