Sunday, November 28, 2010

Going to bed angry

I woke up this morning with the leftover feeling of anger. Had I gone to bed mad last night? I couldn't remember. It certainly felt like I did. I asked Jeff and mumbled that yes, I did go to bed mad. Then it came back to me.

I had fallen asleep last night and was in the more shallow depths of REM sleep when - for whatever reason - Jeff got up and started playing music. Waking up from REM is not my favorite thing to do at all as it often makes me terribly grumpy. Last night was no exception. The memory of yelling at Jeff to turn it off and him denying my request (apparently he thought it was funny). I yelled a few more times before I inevitably drifted off into sleep, angry and irritated with the man I love who sometimes annoys the crap out of me.

Leftover anger aside, I got up and made us a delicious breakfast and went about my day. I guess it is ok sometimes to go to bed angry; once in a while when you wake up you can barely recall why you were upset to begin with.

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