Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Write, or Not to Write?

I was just thinking to myself that I'd love to rewrite a story I wrote a few years ago, polish it up and hope to maybe get it published one day. The original format of the story is floating around on the Internet somewhere and some time ago I happened to find it and save it to my computer. When I thought about whether or not I would rewrite it I went looking for it, and instead came upon the entire Twilight series in PDF format. Honestly, I thought I had deleted those. I haven't read those books in a year. Much like with the seven Harry Potter books, I haven't been able to reread them. I find it difficult to just pick up a book I've already read and to re-read it. Anyway, with my own book, I think it's something that would translate well into today's times, even though it was written about 8 years ago. We shall see.... we shall see.

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