Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It is Really Cold Right Now

As I type this I feel as if my fingers may freeze off. I love cold more than I love heat, but I do not love it when I feel as though my fingers are frostbitten. It isn’t even that cold.. in fact, it’s only 54 degrees outside. But inside my apartment is another story entirely. I have a working heater in my bedroom but the bed is blocking it, and my room is simply not big enough for me to reconfigure the bed in any other position. Therefore, I must freeze.

Oh, and apparently blogging from my phone has not been working lately. I just switched from T-Mobile to Virgin Mobile (savings: $50/monthly) and have a new phone running off of Android 2.2. Perhaps I have the blog settings configured incorrectly? And also, apparently my phone is considered something of an “entry level” Android phone. But it’s so amazing and does everything and more that I can’t help but wonder what an advanced Android phone looks like. I imagine that thing could control the Discovery shuttle up at the International Space Station!

(Puts hands under armpits for warmth).

Perhaps I should invest in a portable heater?

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