Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is Astounding

Jeffrey sent me this link which shows aerial shots of Japan before and after the earthquake and tsunami. Check it out here. I understand this isn't relatively high-tech, but I am constantly amazed at what developing technology can show us. The images are startling and fascinating at the same time. You can see where entire beaches and coast lines have just vanished. Entire cities are saturated in water. It's heartbreaking, really. It just seems as if the entire country is being targeted and destroyed. How can they have this much bad luck? Natural disasters have been around since the formation of the planet but they still seem new to us and more devastating the more advanced our own technology becomes. But we rebuild; it's what we always do. Not "we" as in Americans, but "we" as in the collective human race. I just think that with each new horror that dominates the news with each passing day we can keep at least a shred of hope.

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