Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something in Common with Twilight

So I’m watching Eclipse (I refuse to refer to it by it’s full title, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse because it’s stupid. And that time doesn’t count) and I’m at the scene where Bella is negotiating her virginity for marriage (I know, I know) and for some reason it reminds me of me. Not in the virginity negotiation, but in the sense that Edward feels he will hurt her if they get in human/vampire style. I recall in the awful fourth book that Bella ends up with bruises all over (and feathers, smh) after they bump uglies on that stupidly named island. Well, I sometimes feel that way about my Jeffy. My boyfriend sometimes reminds me of a young Clark Kent who doesn’t know he’s Superman. He’s incredibly strong and animated and sometimes his limbs just go every which way. One time we were just in an elevator and I was playfully trying to push the button before him and he pushed me away in this completely forceful manner he didn’t know he had. And just the other night I went to kiss his arm and in his surprise he ended up jabbing me in the face with his elbow.
My boyfriend is not an abusive man. Let’s just get that out of the way. The opposite, actually. After his elbow made contact with my face it barely stung and he was so upset thinking of how seriously he could have hurt me, just by a simple accident.
That just makes this whole human/vampire charade all the more laughable. I mean, I know there are people with fetishes and people who like rough sex, but the literary figure of Edward Cullen is described (repeatedly, in fact) as being made of freaking marble. Would you want to make love to a marble statue? Neither would I.
This is a really weird post. I guess it’s time to publish and unpause the compelling saga that is Eclipse.

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